Registration for 2022 is now closed!

New For the 2022 Event

New for 2022 - In response to the lack of advance guarantee of Summit access, all runners will sign up for the Marathon and if the Summit is available and covered with aid stations on race day, the first 250 runners that want to go to the summit for the full Challenge, and have reached the Parkway Marathon turnaround within the cut-off time, will become Challenge racers and will continue to the Summit.

In a normal year, there are less than 250 runners that reach the Parkway within the cutoff time, so this solution should give anyone who is capable, the chance for a Summit, if it is available to us.

We feel this is a better solution that having to deny folks the chance of a Summit because of a closure at the last minute.

10/1/2021 - The 2021 virtual racers have had a chance to register for the 2022 race. We are well past half full! We will now accept entries on a first come first serve basis until we are full!